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Why Buy Roses poster 2022


Beautiful posters from woodcut artist Rosanna Morris, depicting hands holding bunches of snowdrops, for the 2022 edition of our 'Why buy roses in February' campaign. The poster is size A2 and printed on 300gsm paper. 


We'll be sending these all out for delivery in time for the 14th February if you'd like to send it to a friend, foe, or lover.


Please include your note below if this is a gift! 


A little more information behind the poster...


Currently, the UK buys 570 tonnes of roses each February, with a mammoth carbon footprint of at least 32kg of CO2 per bouquet of flowers from Kenya and the Netherlands. Roses such as these are sold as ‘loss leaders’ in supermarkets, meaning they are sold at a loss in order to entice customers in to buy other more profitable items. They are often grown in ways that are harmful to the planet or to the people picking them: with high water, fuel and energy usage, toxic chemical run-off, and health risks to farm workers caused by exposure to unregulated pesticides. However, it doesn’t have to be that way.


‘Why Buy Roses in February?’ aims to change our approach to flower-buying. A bouquet containing 15 stems of flowers grown and sold in the UK produces just 1.7kg of CO2 - a total of 95% less carbon emissions than those grown abroad. At SSAW we support independent farmers, growers and makers dedicated to working regeneratively with the land. This campaign highlights that we should pay as much attention to the seasonality and provenance of the flowers we buy as we do to food - contributing to more sustainable choices and meaning we take less for granted.


Why Buy Roses poster 2022

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