The SSAW Collective is a community of chefs, florists & growers committed to an ethical way of working with seasonal produce, advocating for positive ecological change in our food, flower & farming systems.
We grow flowers & vegetables in harmony with nature , specialising in food & florals for events. 


Representing creative individuals whose craft, skill and practices are all connected by a commitment to positive change.




I grew up in a sleepy village in Norfolk, I ate well as a child but not all that adventurously. I was 14 when Jamie Oliver descended on the nation’s schools and attempted to revolutionise our diets by banning the Turkey Twizzler and fizzy drinks from school canteens. He set out to do a noble thing and whilst our school canteens were rid of some heavily processed food for a while, we have unfortunately regressed. I remember the food largely being a non-event at my school, a meat and two veg type affair. Nonetheless, it was cooked from scratch and served by a battalion of friendly and wholesome dinner ladies. The lunch hall was a respite from the chaotic school day and we sat around tables, six abreast, as we scoffed down whatever we were given - there was little to no choice and certainly no packed lunches. Those moments were incredibly important for us, not least for the nourishing food on the plate but also for the social interaction. Away from the classroom, sat around the table, we had our own autonomous space. One that was uninterrupted from the berating of form tutors and the haranguing of science teachers. One where we could freely discuss politics, friendship, love and ambition. This, I went on to understand, was the real power and the true meaning of food. It’s a time we should cherish to sit down with people we love, or don’t, and spend our time investing in what we have done for time immemorial, connecting with each other.

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We specialise in food and flowers. For ethically & ecologically minded consultancy, consciously curated events and / or locally grown seasonal produce, please get in touch.

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