The SSAW Collective is a community of growers and makers, committed to an ethical way of working and designing with seasonal produce.

Our Story


The SSAW Collective was founded by three friends working together as freelancers, with backgrounds and interests that go way beyond flowers, farming and food.


As conscious creators, we are motivated by practices that are led by nature. A movement towards a slower, more considered approach that benefits both people and the planet; advocating for equal opportunities, fair wages and positive ways of working; regenerating soils, sequestering carbon and replenishing insect populations. 


We stand for biodiversity, accessibility and creativity. Our aim is to create and curate thought provoking work - be it floral, food, or farming - that celebrates the ephemerality of nature, promoting true seasonality and sustainability. 

Joining forces allows us to take on more ambitious and challenging briefs. It gives us the opportunity to be better and braver creators; to produce more interesting, intelligent work, unique to the specifications of each project. 

We are here to encourage each other and other small startups, ensuring that we stay true to our values by challenging each other on our ethical responsibilities as creators. With an inclusive approach, we are eager to expand the collective and collaborate with others who feel their work holds the same intrinsic connection to and respect for the environment, building a platform to support each other and share resources.


The Collective



Flora Wallace - artist

I suppose it began about 4 years ago. At the time I was painting a lot with ink, the regular Winsor and Newton shop bought ink. I then got the chance to visit Japan and ended up stumbling across a very old and very beautiful pigment shop in the back streets of Kyoto. I ended up buying an indigo blue and a rusty yellow coloured ink. I had never used such beautiful ink and was obsessed by getting more but had no idea if or when I would ever go back to Japan, let alone find the shop again.

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We are currently selling flowers fresh from our fields. 

For bespoke orders or event enquiries, please email us.


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