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The SSAW Collective is a community of chefs, florists & growers committed to an ethical way of working with seasonal produce.

Through campaigns and collaborations, we advocate for positive change in our food and floral systems.


Representing creative individuals whose craft, skill and practices are all connected by a commitment to positive change.




I’m new to this world of sustainability. I haven’t studied courses or degrees on it, let alone worked in it. Wine has always been my thing. I’ve always been completely enchanted by the alchemy of it all. How one can take the humble grape, ferment it, and have it become what it becomes. In recent years, however, I’ve found myself obsessing less about it all. I no longer have the same enthused euphoria I once had when I’d seek out and geek out about wine. These days, I find myself reaching for a cold beer after a long day, sooner than I would a glass of wine (admittedly, I’m writing this in a pub in Bath whilst settling into a quiet moment with a pint of Guinness). I digress, let’s get back to the point.


If you share our approach and are interested in working together please get in touch.

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