In order to make positive change, we need to unite.

With backgrounds and interests that go way beyond food, flowers and farming, we are makers, growers, chefs, florists and producers.

Please get in touch if you'd like to join us. 


    Liv runs British Flower Studio Wetherly. Her work is rooted in the landscape of Britain and the temporal cycles of nature. Founding the SSAW Collective was an opportunity to collaborate with others who share the same passion for seasonality and sustainability; a chance to combine the best aspects of individual practices to work together and share skills; to recreate the sense of camaraderie of creating as a team that she’d missed when setting up her own business.


    Jess feels a great part of her responsibility as a florist & grower is to protect our environment and encourage a less instantaneous consumption of flowers as we know it. Her aim is to inform and expand all people’s appreciation for, and understanding of, real seasonal produce. Driven by an obsession with the outdoors,  Jess hopes the Collective will help strengthen and build on the existing community of makers who inspire others to connect with nature on a daily basis. 


    Lulu is most content when working with the land, or when cooking. She is passionate about the connections between regenerative farming, hospitality & our environment.

    Lulu is excited about sharing resources and connecting with others whose intentions are aligned. Whether it’s through cooking & hosting SSAW Collective events, collaborating in growing projects or writing recipes and journal posts for SSAW Collective.


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