DARN x SSAW Summer silk scarf

SUMMER -  The second in a series of seasonally-inspired 100% silk scarf designs, created in collaboration between DARN and SSAW Collective, the SSAW x DARN Summer Scarf features hand drawn peony’s studied by DARN founder Amelia from her own garden. Witnessing the flowers change in colour each day from red to pink, yellow to lime, this extraordinary experience has been translated across the colour-focused design in admiration to the quiet everyday beauty of English flora. 


When we think of summer we often imagine bright bursts of colour, reflective of the heat and energy between June to August. Within spiritual anatomy yellow represents the solar plexus chakra colour, representing a single ray of light at the core of the body. Appreciated for its genderless identity, yellow is vibrant, full of energy and optimistic and speaks for itself; giving us the opportunity to experience summer all-year round. 


Combining yellow and burnt orange with areas of negative space that highlight the hand drawn edges of four individual peony flowers, the SSAW x DARN Summer scarf printed was originally painted using oil pastels and yellow ink, before being translated into a digital print and applied to 100% silk. 


Decorated with hand drawn illustrations by DARN, created especially for SSAW, each scarf is printed in the UK, has been finished with a hand stitched edge and arrives wrapped in wax tissue paper, stowed in a potato sac.


-Dimension is 47 X 47cm  

-14oz silk twill


Nationwide delivery only. If you'd like us to ship further afield, please email us. 


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DARN x SSAW Summer silk scarf